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Samsara & Other Competitors

With the rise of accident rates, in-vehicle distractions, and associated costs, it’s no surprise vehicle camera systems are becoming a norm in the fleet industry. More and more companies and industries are building out fleets where safety, security, and ROI are at the top of mind. A good fleet vehicle camera system will address all these concerns and more through its combination of hardware and software camera technology. As the fleet industry continues to become more competitive in size and technology, more companies like Fleetcam will offer fleet vehicle camera systems; however, not all vehicle camera systems will offer the same features and benefits.
Fleetcam is designed to be an all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system that can help save lives and improve overall fleet safety with AI cameras, in-cab notifications, and an integrated driver behavior coaching system. The Fleetcam team knows the fleet industry inside and out, and its vehicle camera system reflects fleet managers and drivers’ most important wants and needs.

When looking into fleet vehicle camera systems, there are many components of the system you’ll want to look for. We’ve made it easy by breaking out the 15 most important things your fleet vehicle camera system should feature. See why Fleetcam beats out top competitors like Samsara and Surfsight in the table and read more about the different features and why they matter below.
Fleetcam Samsara Lytyx Camera Nauto Dash Cam Surfsight Smart Witness Camera
Stream Live Limited Limited
Stream Historical Instant Remote Access Request Only
Provides Real-Time In-Cabin Feedback
Type of In-Cabin Feedback Different Voice Command for Each Type of Feedback Beep + Voice Commands Beep + Voice Commands Beep + Voice Commands Audio Alerts Alarm I/O
Visual LCD for In-Cabin Alerts
Visual LCD for Backup & Side Cameras
Uploads Videos of Events Driver has to manually push button to record event Driver has to manually push button to trigger event video
Number of Cameras 8 Not on Site Not on Site Not on Site Not on Site 8
Driver Coaching Application
Analytics for Fleet Manager
Concierge Service for Reviewing Videos Not on Site Not on Site Not on Site Not on Site
Camera GPS Tracking
Create a WiFi Cloud Not on Site Not on Site Not on Site
Breadcrumb Images
24/7 Support

Stream Live

It’s important for fleet managers to be able to manage vehicles in real-time. Live streaming allows you to watch a vehicle’s video feed remotely in real-time. With Fleetcam, you can live stream up to 6 vehicles’ video feeds and save the videos for review later.

Stream Historical

Since fleet managers can’t be in more than one place at one time, historical streaming allows them to view all the videos currently in the fleet cameras’ storage without having to physically access the vehicle. Additionally, many fleets are too large to all be live-streamed at the same time. Historical livestream solves this problem by allowing access to videos after the fact. Instead of watching what is currently happening, historical footage allows fleet managers to see what has happened in the past. Some competitors provide access to historical footage but you have to request access to it or are limited by how much video storage you have.

Real-Time In-Cab Alerts

Safety is a number one concern for most fleet managers. Real-time in-cab alerts can save drivers’ lives and prevent accidents. With the FleetCam® driver monitoring system, Fleetcam uses a fleet dash camera and artificial intelligence to track the driver’s eye movement and behavior. Alerts from the in-cab device address both driver and vehicle behavior such as waking up drivers who are falling asleep, discouraging texting while driving, enforcing no-smoking policies and notifying drivers when they’re following a vehicle too closely and more. It also notifies the driver with a different voice command for each type of feedback. While most competitors provide real-time in-cab alerts, not all have voice commands and most are more limited in the scope of driver and vehicle behaviors they are able to catch.
Visual LCD for In-Cabin Alerts
With drivers spending so much time on the road, their safety is imperative. Fleetcam is a pioneer for visual LCD for in-cabin alerts, side cams, and backup cams. A visual LCD device allows drivers to see the seconds to impact from the vehicle in front of them. It notifies drivers when they’re too close, helping to train drivers to keep their vehicle at a safe distance away. This tremendously helps with accident prevention and driver awareness.
Visual LCD for Side & Backup Cameras
Visual LCD for side and rear cameras can display one or more cameras live, increasing safety 360 degrees around the vehicle. When putting a vehicle into reverse, the LCD serves as a backup cam, and when you turn the left signal or right signal, it displays those cameras. Additionally, the LCD can be used to see the passengers like in the back of an Uber or kids on a school bus. Fleetcam is one of the only companies in the industry that provides these visual LCD options.

Event Video Uploads

It’s important for fleet safety to record when an unsafe driving behavior or vehicle incident occurs. This helps with driver behavior coaching as well as accurate accident reporting and insurance claims. FleetCam® makes it easy to review and coach driver behavior and other important events. Videos clips are automatically recorded and uploaded to the dashboard when unsafe driving events are detected. These clips show what happened before, during, and after the event – with the exact moment of the event indicated on the timeline. The time, speed, direction, and address are displayed for every second of the video, as well as the vehicle’s breadcrumb trail along the map.
Obviously, the cameras themselves are an extremely important part of a fleet vehicle camera system. You’ll want to make sure the system has multiple camera options, views, and locations in addition to being well-suited for the road vibrations, varying light availability, and more. Some competitors only offer 140-150 degree camera angles toward the road or the driver like Surfsight and SmartWitness Camera. Fleetcam offers up to 8 cameras including dome cameras for drivers, road cameras, and side cameras, providing a 360-degree view of the vehicle.


Fleetcam cameras are equipped with infrared sensors to record in the dark, anti-vibration features to capture clear videos, and audio capabilities so you can hear what’s happening inside the vehicle. Fleetcam cameras also record in dual-stream, one as a low-quality 480p stream and one as a high-quality 720p stream. This allows fleet managers to start by looking at the low-quality stream so you don’t waste bandwidth on your upload. Then, if you find something you need to download, you’re able to download it in the 720p version. This system also automatically creates a backup because it utilizes two SDs cards. If one of them were to go bad, you still have the other one for backup.

Driver Behavior & Coaching System

Driver coaching is an essential part of a good fleet vehicle camera system. Integrating it into your solution can increase your fleet’s ROI and safety while decreasing liabilities, injuries, and expenses. Coaching is all about helping drivers make better choices when they’re on the road. FleetCam® makes it easy to ensure drivers are receiving the coaching they need while helping managers spot recurring problems and patterns. Help keep crews, equipment, CSA scores and reputations safe by helping customers monitor driver performances and correcting poor behavior.

Analytics for Fleet Managers

Analytics allows fleet managers to pinpoint areas to improve fleet performance, driver behaviors, and overall operations. This data not only saves fleet managers time and money, but also decreases liability and increases driver safety, reliability, and satisfaction. Fleet managers are able to see trends that can be compared month over month or by a particular date range. This allows managers to be able to quickly identify problem behaviors across the fleet or with a particular driver. Advanced fleet vehicle camera system analytics allow fleet managers to run a safer, happier fleet.

Concierge Service for Reviewing Videos

When looking into a fleet vehicle camera system, you’ll want to see if the company provides service where they review every event that is uploaded. This helps to be able to identify the actual severity of the events that take place. For example, a person can identify when someone hits the brake too hard to avoid a pedestrian that runs out into the road vs. just reckless driving. This allows people to work more harmoniously with the AI in the system. People + AI is better than just people or just AI. AI is needed because people can’t be there all the time, but people still have more intelligence and context to better evaluate some situations.

Camera GPS Tracking

In addition to high-quality camera visuals and audio, fleet managers will also want to track the location of their fleet vehicles. Location tracking allows fleet managers to monitor vehicles on specific parts of their route and increase operational efficiency and service speed. In fact, you may no longer need a standard tracking device. With Fleetcam, you can replace your standard telemetry device with a video telematics device and save on a data service plan.
Create a WiFi Cloud
For drivers, being able to create a WiFi cloud from your vehicle camera system is a huge plus. With Fleetcam, if a driver is wanting to use a tablet, phone, or computer, we can create a WiFi hotspot from the vehicle camera system. This can be especially useful with construction and emergency services.
Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots
Snapshot photos are captured from fleet dash cams and displayed along the vehicle’s route line (breadcrumb trail), giving you an extra level of insight into the vehicle’s activity. Fleetcam’s patented breadcrumb trail provides these images every 5 minutes for easier indexing and streaming.

24/7 Support

With all the nuisances of fleet management, it’s vital for fleet vehicle camera system customers to be able to reach customer service on any day, at any time. Unlike some of our competitors, Fleetcam provides 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week email or call support at support@fleetcam.com or 1-866-221-1864 to get the help you need, whenever you need it.

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