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FleetCam vs Samsara

Trying to choose between FleetCam and Samsara?

See how FleetCam tops our competitors with edge AI, a robust feature list, and durable hardware design.

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FleetCam Pro

Samsara CM32

Road Only Version
Road-Facing Camera 1920P / 140° 1080P / 121°
Driver-Facing Camera 1080P / 170° 720P / 177°
ADAS Events Following Distance Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure, Pedestrian Alert, Rolling Stop Sign 5 Following Distance Warning 1
DMS Events Cell Phone Use, Distracted Driving, No Seatbelt, Smoking, Fatigue, Unidentified Driver, Facial Recognition for Driver ID 7 Cell Phone Use, No Seatbelt, Smoking, Fatigue, Facial Recognition for Driver ID 5
Harsh Events Harsh Accelerating, Braking, Cornering, Speeding 4 Harsh Accelerating, Braking, Cornering, Speeding 4
Tampering Detection Tampering Events Unplugged, Loss of Power (Possibly Cut), Camera Covered, No Driver Detected (Camera Moved/Repositioned) 4 Unplugged, Loss of Power 2
Storage Devices Expandable up to 512GB Limited
Redundant Storage
In-Cab Alert Types Tone, Audible (Spoken) and Visual Audible
Visual Alert Display
Dedicated Trigger Button Multi-Function (Manual event capture, privacy mode, PTO, other).
Engine Data via OBD or JBUS
Stand-Alone Device
Automated Driver Coaching Suite

FleetCam vs Samsara

Not all fleet vehicle systems are the same. Your fleet deserves more than just a camera. FleetCam’s all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system is designed to save lives with AI dash cams and driver assistance, real-time in-cab notifications, an integrated driver behavior coaching system, and more.

Get to know the features that set FleetCam above the competition.

Use remote access to stream live or historical footage from the vehicle fleet camera systems.

Live and Historic Streaming

Live-stream or access historical footage. Stream multiple camera views in real time from the same vehicle, or review historic video stored in the camera's dual-redundant, 512GB Micro SD cards, wherever your vehicle is.

Using the Remote Wake feature, fleet managers can access camera footage without having to start up the vehicle.

Extensive Driver Behavior Events

FleetCam Pro uses AI and advanced sensors to detect an industry-leading list of 18 unsafe driver behaviors. The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) monitors the driver, while the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) monitors the road ahead.

Audiovisual in-cab alerts use voice prompts when detecting a distracted driving event, such as driver fatigue or cell phone usage, and a visual LCD display notifies drivers when they’re driving too close to the vehicle ahead of them, accelerating too quickly, or changing lanes without signaling.

Cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence track the driver’s eye movement.

True Fatigue Detection

While traditional fatigue detection relies on hours of service to identify potential issues, FleetCam Pro takes fatigue detection to another level by using eye-tracking technologies to monitor driver eye movements and gaze patterns, as well as facial recognition to identify head tilts.

Full OBDII/JBUS Connectivity

Connect FleetCam Pro directly to the vehicle's Engine Control Unit through an OBDII or JBUS port to gather engine diagnostic information and real-time vehicle data, including RPMs, vehicle speed, fuel level, accurate odometer mileage, engine run time, DTC codes and count, vehicle identification numbers, and more.

Automatic alerts let you know when the check engine light comes on, and our database of diagnostic codes deliver an exact description of the issue. All without any additional hardware.

Reduce unwanted driver behaviors with our passive driver coaching system.

Automated Driver Coaching Suite

FleetCam automates driver coaching and improves driver safety with DriveShield. Built to show drivers their distracted driving events, DriveShield provides self-coaching opportunities, while offering an escalation path to active intervention only when necessary.

Driver Scorecards display daily performance scores that gamify the driving experience by comparing their score to the fleet's lowest, highest, and average. Drivers are encouraged to improve their overall performance and claim the highest score.

Precision HD Imaging

Our high-resolution, dual-facing dash cam simultaneously captures a smooth, clear high-definition video of the road and the driver. FleetCam Pro's front-facing camera captures 1920P video with a 140° field of view (FOV), while the driver-facing camera captures 1080P Full HD video with a 170° FOV.

This high-quality video provides the edge AI more data points to identify critical distracted driving issues.

Capture every detail with our high definition road- and driver-facing dash cameras.

Total Field of Vision

Connect up to eight cameras through one device for a true 360° view of your vehicle.* Integrate dome, side, road, and rear cameras, each equipped with infrared night vision and tested for extreme durability and clarity in all weather and road conditions.

* FleetCam Enterprise 8 supports up to 8 channels of video recording.

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