Video Telematics System for
Fleet Vehicles

An all-in-one, integrated video telematics system for fleet 
management, driver safety, and incident reporting.

Add the best fleet camera solution to
your telematics system.

Camera GPS Tracking

Track your fleet vehicles’ true movements, driver behaviors, and significant events with camera GPS updates every 60 seconds or less. Breadcrumb trail snapshots are also captured every 5 minutes and plotted along the vehicle’s route, providing a preview of each camera at that exact time and location.

360° Cameras

Get a true 360° view of your vehicles with up to 8 cameras. Choose from dome, side, or road cameras, each tested for extreme durability and clarity for use in all weather and road conditions. The cameras also have audio capabilities so you can hear what’s happening inside the vehicle.

WiFi HotSpot

Create a Wifi hotspot from the vehicle camera system. This allows drivers to use a tablet, phone, or computer from the vehicle camera system itself rather than relying on spotty service. This can be especially useful with construction and emergency services.

Visual LCD

Fleetcam® is a pioneer for visual LCD for in-cabin alerts. This allows drivers to see the seconds to impact from the vehicle in front of them. It notifies drivers when they’re too close, training drivers to keep their vehicle at a safe distance away.

Event Video Uploading

Videos clips are automatically recorded and uploaded when unsafe driving events are detected. These clips show what happened before, during, and after the event – with the exact moment of the event indicated on the timeline. This helps avoid incorrect accident reports and insurance claims, improving overall fleet safety while saving on incident costs.

Integrated Driver Behavior
& Coaching System

FleetCam® makes it easy to ensure drivers are receiving the coaching they need while helping managers spot recurring problems and patterns. This helps keep drivers, equipment, CSA scores, and reputations safe and well-performing.

Stream Live or Historical

Stream up to 6 cameras from the same vehicle live in real time or view any historic footage in a vehicle’s camera storage remotely. This allows fleet managers to see what’s happening across their fleet at any time from anywhere.

Real-Time In-Cab Alerts

In-cab audiovisual alerts combine fleet dash cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence to increase driver safety and improve driver behaviors. Different voice commands commence when distracted driving, falling asleep, cell phone usage, and more is detected.

Camera Hardware Options For All 
Kinds of Vehicles

AI essential camera
Dome camera
Driver camera
Explosion proof camera
Side View Camera

Operate a safer, happier fleet with a 
measurable return on investment.

Fleetcam’s video telematics solution demonstrates results in increasing driver
satisfaction, driver reliability, and driver safety and decreasing false claims.
90% of rear end accidents can be prevented with 1.5 
seconds of advance warning
National Transportation Safety Board
44% of non-performance driver-related crashes are due to
falling asleep while driving
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
40% of all driver-related crashes are due to driver 
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
11% reduction in crashes when the vehicle has a lane departure warning system installed
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

A Video Telematics Solution
For Every Fleet Size

Fleetcam® works with fleets of 3 vehicles to fleets with hundreds and thousands of vehicles.
Between our seamless implementation processes and enterprise-grade quality, security, and 
flexibility, we deliver video telematics system solutions to customers of all sizes.
Can be integrated into an existing telematics system or exist as its own complete video telematics solution
Customizable features based on your fleet’s needs and priorities
Provided concierge service to review video event uploads and determine the actual severity
24/7, 7 days a week US-based support via phone or email
Analytic reporting for fleet managers to quickly identify problems across the fleet or with a particular driver
Scalable up to 16,000 vehicles or more

Telematics Fleet Tracking Application For Many

With a complete hardware solution and advanced software platforms, Fleetcam’s video telematics provides benefits for customers across many verticals. Whether that’s catching potential theft, proving services were completed, or something more unique to a certain industry, FleetCam® can help customers ensure their fleets are secure and transparent.
• Construction
• Landscaping
• Waste Management
• Emergency Services
• Street Cleaning Services
• Education
• Government
• Commercial
• Transportation & Transit
• Utilities & Services
• Field Services

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