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Truck Dash Cameras: Improving Driver Accountability & Safety

July 24, 2023 | Jonathan Albright | Articles Fleet Management Safety Telematics

In the world of trucking, safety and accountability are not just industry buzzwords—they’re the backbone of successful operations. But how do you tangibly improve these vital elements on the road?

This is where truck dash cameras, and FleetCam Pro, in particular, shine. FleetCam Pro serves as an innovative tool that’s shifting gears in the industry by bringing transparency and responsibility to the forefront. By monitoring and recording driving habits, these devices play a pivotal role in improving safety and promoting responsible driving.

Let’s dive in.

I. Your Standard Truck Dash Cam Simply Won’t Cut It

Truck driving on a highway with mountains in the background

Truck dash cams capture video to provide an accurate record of events, which can be critical in accident investigation or driver training situations.

Even the most basic truck dash cameras can provide clear and reliable video footage. But more advanced models can take your operations further with features like GPS tracking, ADAS & DMS, remote live streaming, and more.

Dash cams can be more than just recording devices; options like FleetCam Pro can bring improved accountability and safety to your business.

II. The Role of Dash Cameras in Boosting Driver Safety & Accountability

Two truck drivers standing in front of a truck

The open road can be an unpredictable place. As a trucker or fleet manager, you’re not just responsible for delivering goods from point A to point B; you’re also responsible for ensuring safety. This is where truck dash cameras come in, serving as an important tool in promoting safe driving habits and accountability.

Improving Training and Performance

For fleet managers, dash cam footage can serve as a valuable training tool. With the ability to review footage, managers can identify drivers’ areas for improvement and provide feedback based on actual performance. This can lead to more effective training programs and better overall fleet performance, especially when paired with a driver coaching software like DriveShield.

Deterring Theft and Vandalism

Video monitoring can greatly deter cargo theft and unauthorized stops. It goes without saying that drivers are less likely to make an unauthorized stop or attempt theft when they know they’re being watched. Ultimately, this surveillance heightens driver accountability and enhances the security of your transport operations.

Promoting Safe Driving Habits

The very presence of a dash camera often encourages safer driving. Over time, this constant vigilance can translate into improved driving habits and reduce the likelihood of behaviors that lead to accidents.

For fleet managers, dash cam footage can help identify and track unsafe driving habits, or exonerate them when they make the right actions. This information can be used to address safety issues promptly, reduce the risk of accidents, reward good driving behaviors, and maintain a healthy safety culture within the fleet.

III. Key Considerations When Choosing a Dash Cam for Truckers

truck driving down a highway at night

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, there are specific considerations to keep in mind. Look out for these qualities when deciding on a dash cam for your truck:

Dual-Facing Camera

If you’re looking to improve safety and accountability, a dual-facing camera is a must. Simultaneously capturing the road and actions inside the cab go a long way in painting a clear picture. And without driver monitoring, you miss out on many valuable safety features like DMS alerts.

Night Vision

Truckers often drive in low-light conditions during early morning or nighttime hours. A dash cam with robust night vision or infrared capabilities will ensure that your driver footage is clear and detailed, so you can keep an eye on in-cab safety and make the most of DMS even in the dark.

High Video Quality

Video quality is one of the most critical aspects of a dash cam. High-resolution footage can capture more details, which can be crucial in identifying license plates or driving behaviors in the event of an incident. Look for dash cams that offer high-resolution video quality to ensure you’re getting clear and useful footage.

High Storage Capacity

Truckers spend long hours on the road, and it’s important to have a dash cam that can store all the necessary footage. Ideally, your dash cam should support high-capacity memory cards and loop recording, meaning newer footage will write over the oldest footage on file so you never run out of space.

Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens can capture more of the road and surrounding areas. This can be especially useful in documenting incidents that happen at the periphery of your vehicle. Look for options with no less than 140º angles

GPS Tracking

Built-in GPS tracking can be extremely useful and help your team kill two birds with one stone by providing location data for routing, dispatching, geofencing, speeding detection, and other fleet software solutions.


Remember, a dash cam is an investment in your fleet’s future. With FleetCam Pro, you gain all these features and more; ensuring the peace of mind that only comes with knowing your team is well-prepared for safety and accountability on the road ahead.


Does my truck’s dash cam video quality really matter?

Yes. High-resolution video is critical for capturing details like license plates, faces, and actions more clearly. In the event of accidents or disputes, such details could be vital in exonerating your drivers.

Can a dash cam reduce my insurance premium?

Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with dash cams, as they increase accountability and can provide hard evidence in case of accidents. Check with your insurance provider for specific policies.

Does a dash cam record when the truck is off?

Some dash cams have a ‘parking mode’ which allows them to record even when the vehicle is off; typically, most cameras shut off after the vehicle is shut off, though FleetCam Pro offers a remote wake feature that allows you to activate dash cams even when the vehicle is turned off.